Schaar Art Studio

Giclees (Hand Enhanced)

A fine-art giclee (pronounced jee-clay) is a museum-quality fine-art reproduction that has gained wide acceptance by museums, galleries, artists, and publishers. With a very high resolution (up to 1800 dots per inch) and a color range that exceeds serigraphs, a giclee captures every nuance of a painting and is the closest replication to an original.

In the patented printing technology, a micro stream of archival ink (more than 4 million droplets per second) is sprayed onto cotton canvas or archival paper. Each piece of canvas or paper is hand mounted onto a drum that spins at 250 inches per second. Precise computer calculations of hue, value, and density (scanned directly from the artist's original work or a digital image of it) direct the ink producing a near continuous tone image, smoother gradation between tones, and a more finely differentiated color palette.

If a giclee has been hand enhanced (or embellished), some original painting has been done on the reproduction. It is important to note the distinction between hand enhanced and hand enhanced by the artist. Many giclees in the marketplace today are either not enhanced at all or enhanced by someone other than the original artist. Robert Schaar does a considerable amount of hand-enhancing on each of his giclees, highlighting certain aspects of the image to create texture—in effect, creating an original piece of art from each giclee.


A View from Paradise Amsterdam Canal III Brugge Reflections BCanal Reflections Cetona Tuscany Early Morning in the Square Fleuriste, Ile St Louis_ Irish Pub, Dublin Irish Vista Jones Landing, Maine Keeneland on the Grass Laguna Cove II Lous Barn Mexican Afternoon Misty Morning, France Napa VIneyard II New England Road New Hampshire Winter New Shoes, Santa Anita Off Newport Beach Parisian Evening Rouge Umbrellas en Arles St. Remy, France Street of Flowers Tuscan Tranquilty Autumn Splendor Serenity (France) Reminiscing Restaurant au Beaujolais St. Paul de Vence Red Sails (Honfleur, France) Mykonos Harbor Riomaggiore (Cinque Terre, Italy) Venice Canal Seine Fleurs San Francisco Morning Provence Marketplace Provence Flowers Early Morning Shadows (France) Callifornia Vineyard Brugge Reflections II